We are engineering specialists in: - industrial buildings, historical and monumental buildings, office buildings, healthcare facilities & hotels

Our core business is systems engineering for complex buildings.

We guarantee effective systems, delivered on time and within budget. Let's go beyond the simple project.

The 5 guarantees we give to our customers thanks to our exclusive PADProcess

Are buildings your business?

Do you need to build or renovate your building?

Are you a designer?

Our "Propòsito"

To provide Plant Engineering Services, Efficient (respect of time, cost and quality), environmentally friendly, with Ethics and Transparency, without conflicts of interest, pursuing the well-being of people, whether in the role of client stakeholders or building users.

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Need a more specialised service?
In our group we have 4 dedicated DIVISIONS

For plant engineering
and pharmaceutical buildings

Certification of green building with the LEED protocol, obtaining a building with a higher value

Testing and commissioning complex plants, guaranteeing safety and performance

Making complex systems work better, eliminating energy waste


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