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...an organisation with broad charitable, welfare, educational and human and social aims...

Pia Opera Ciccarelli O.N.L.U.S


The Fondazione Pia Opera Ciccarelli ONLUS, created in 1885, is an organisation with broad charitable, welfare, educational and human and social promotion aims, and manages 9 residences and a day centre.

It promotes the centrality of the individual in a constant effort to enhance their dignity, to give more life quality and serenity, responsibility and autonomy to each person, creating human spaces for expression and encounters and a family atmosphere that strengthens the bonds of solidarity, love and mutual respect.

Fondazione Pia Opera Ciccarelli O.N.L.U.S - progettazione impianti strutture sanitarie

The guest rooms were inadequate, the heating and air conditioning systems did not work well, the comfort for guests was inadequate and it lacked an area dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients. For these reasons, the Fondazione Pia Opera Ciccarelli wanted to renovate the San Giovanni Lupatoto residence in Verona. At the same time, we had to guarantee an intervention in stages that would maintain the building’s functionality.
This required specialists in systems design for health facilities who could operate in existing buildings, maintaining their functionality.

Many engineering companies had some experience with new facilities, but Planex was chosen for its experience in designing and project managing for large, existing and functioning healthcare facilities (RSA Casa Serena).

Work was planned by first creating the new control centres and distribution networks, taking care of the separation between new and old systems: we could not have an older system damaging the new one.
Then, we gradually proceeded to the realisation of new rooms, living rooms, assisted baths and control centres.

After a few years of construction, the work is finished and the systems are working perfectly. The Fondazione Pia Opera Ciccarelli is equipped with a state-of-the-art facility where energy consumption has been halved and comfort for guests and workers is guaranteed all year round.
The air is healthy, electricity and heat come from clean, renewable sources and maintenance and plant management are easy thanks to state-of-the-art control systems.

Location: S. Giovanni Lupatoto – Verona

Surface area: 8,500 square metres

Beds: 160

Intended use: healthcare residence

Services performed:
project management of works and testing of: plants: electrical power, ventilation, air conditioning, medical gas distribution, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, fire and gas detection, hotel management, phone and data network, automation and building management, photovoltaics, solar thermal plant, heat recovery

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