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New headquarters of the state archives, inside the "Magazzini Generali".

Fondazione Cariverona


Hundreds of thousands of documents that record the last six centuries of Verona’s history are now kept in the new headquarters of the state archives, inside the Magazzini Generali.

In Verona, there was an architectural and cultural heritage to be recovered in the general store area (the “magazzini generali”).
The Cariverona Foundation began the recovery, starting from the former grain warehouses, a jewel of industrial archaeology dedicated to the state archives of Verona…
The design of systems in constrained buildings requires special skills and tools.
Budget and space were limited, time was tight.

Our advanced design tools (link to CFD page), our experience in testing and commissioning complex systems and our innovative design method (link to PAD process) proved enormously useful and effective during the project’s development.

Narrow spaces were turned into rationally distributed technical premises to facilitate maintenance, and high-power heat pumps – the only sources of thermal energy – were tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they do not break down, even with external temperatures below -5 degrees.

Location: Verona

Surface area: 12,000 square metres

Intended use: archives, museum, offices, conference rooms, reading rooms

Services performed: design, project management

Work designed:  plants: electrical power, ventilation, air conditioning, distribution of process fluids, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, fire and gas detection, CCTV, phone and data network, automation and building management, compressed air, heat recovery, energy monitoring

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Our core business is systems engineering for complex buildings.

We provide Effective Projects, with the guarantee of satisfying Performance, Time and Budget, with respect for People, Ethics and the Environment.

We are engineering specialists in:
– industrial buildings
– historical and monumental buildings
– office buildings
– healthcare facilities & hotels



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