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Galdi offers packaging solutions for food products in paper packaging. The company has always focused on people and innovation. The continuous updating of skills and the attraction of the best talents are in fact fundamental to maintaining and developing the company’s competitiveness.


Given the company’s significant growth in recent years, it had decided to expand the premises with a new building that was innovative both in its architectural design and in its energy and environmental content.

Planex was selected for its extensive experience in the design and management of complex buildings and installations.

Planex was in charge of fire prevention, final and executive design of the installations and all activities during both the design and construction phases to obtain LEED certification. It carried out the supervision of works for the installations, fire prevention and construction activities to obtain LEED certification.
For the systems design, much attention was paid to acoustic comfort, which was studied in detail in order to minimise both the background noise of the HVAC systems and the reverberation time, studying the shielding capacity of the internal materials used.
All the systems used in the industrial complex are centralised in the control room, such as the supervision of the HVAC systems in order to check the status and alarms of the thermo-fluidic system, the supervision of the electrical light and fm systems to manage the switching on and off and control the operation of automatic regulation systems (dimming), the CCTV system with monitors fixed to the wall on which the images from the various cameras are shown, which are activated cyclically or with a presence signal.

Activities: Fire prevention, final and executive design of installations, LEED® v4 BD+C certification, supervision of works on installations and fire-fighting interventions.
Duration of works: 2018-2020

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