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The value of ingredients

Pastificio Rana S.p.A.


The Pastificio Giovanni Rana group, which had a turnover of more than €774 million in 2019, employs more than 3,500 people and has a portfolio of more than 1,000 references distributed in fifty-eight countries.


The customer needed to build a new production unit (NUP), complete with facilities, in San Giovanni Lupatoto with the guarantee that the most advantageous and efficient solution would be adopted.

The choice fell on Planex as an engineering company with recognised experience in the design and supervision of industrial plants in the food sector, which also stands out for its ethics and transparency.

The customer got his NUP installations on time and at a cost 25 per cent lower than he would have paid had he outsourced the design and construction to the installation company.

Pastificio Rana’s NUP was able to obtain a functioning production plant of high quality, verified and controlled by Planex, an independent engineering company with no conflict of interest.”

To keep up with the swirling market, you cannot miss opportunities.

You need a partner that does not stop you but favors your creativity.

We think we are this partner of yours.