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The company Italfarmaco SpA is a privately-owned Italian multinational corporation with headquarters in Milan. It operates in Italy and abroad in the pharmaceutical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector through its directly controlled and/or participated companies. Italfarmaco was founded in 1938.
The Group has modern and sophisticated industrial plants where it manufactures its medicinal products to the highest quality standards. The first plant is located in Milan.


The Viale Fulvio Testi plant in Milan, with its production of low molecular weight heparin, was strategic for the fight against the COVID-19 virus and Italfarmaco planned its reconfiguration and expansion with this in mind.

What was required was an engineering company with great expertise in LifeScience and capable of managing complex multidisciplinary projects for which business continuity is one of the key aspects. Planex proved to be an ideal candidate as it is recognised in the industry for its expertise, flexibility and speed of response in conjunction with its ability to coordinate all stake holders in a project.

The customer was able to evaluate different plant configuration scenarios on the basis of which to set its industrial policy for the next 20 years.
Preparatory work was carried out for the functional reconfiguration of the production site, i.e. revamping the refrigeration plant, the compressed air plant, the dust extraction plant, and the steam plant.
The executive design of the electrical, special and mechanical systems was addressed.

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