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Grafiche Mercurio S.p.A.

Grafiche Mercurio is a long-established company based in Angri (SA). It deals mainly with offset and flexographic printing. www.grafichemercurio.it

The ever-growing business convinced the owner to expand the current premises by building a new factory, adjacent to the existing one, of approximately 10,000 square metres complete with technology centre, warehouse and production area. The client’s primary objective was to dispose of the warehouse as quickly as possible while also respecting the need to integrate the special installations of the new building with those of the main headquarters.

The choice fell on Planex because of its long experience in the graphics industry, its extensive expertise and its efficient energy analysis and modelling tools.

In the first phase of the project, the warehouse and technical rooms of approximately 3,600 square metres equipped with an automatic sprinkler system with pumping stations and a water reserve of approximately 1,000 cubic metres, sized for the entire factory, were constructed within the agreed time frame. The purpose of the plant design activity was also to help the construction designer in the choice of the executive methods of the prefabricated building, inside which new offices, meeting rooms and pre-press laboratories of about 1,000 square metres are also planned on the first and second levels, with the objective of containing energy consumption.
Different solutions were analysed with their consequent costs for both construction and management, and subsequently with the client the solution that guaranteed the best quality/price ratio was chosen.
Subsequently, a second lot of approximately 2,600 square metres was planned for the production department with the installation of a rotary printing press with eight flexographic elements.

Activities: Final and executive design of general plant engineering, special systems and production machinery, plant DL, work accounting, support activities for obtaining municipal authorisations and fire prevention.
Floor area: Warehouse: 5,000 sqm
Production area: 2,60
Duration of works: 2014-2021

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