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World Food Program (RO)

The World Food Programme is the food assistance agency of the United Nations founded in 1961 and is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world. The agency assists an average of 87 million people in 83 countries around the world. With 1,300 employees at its headquarters in Rome, the WFP houses various facilities and services for staff with a focus on health and well-being. www.wfp.org

The WFP’s Rome office was planning to certify four of its buildings with a total area of 1,450 m2 as LEED® -certified, respectively housing a crèche (Child care), a supermarket (Commissary), a meeting centre (Meeting Centre) and an office space (Red Tower).

GreeningLab, an in-house division of Planex, was chosen because of its experience and expertise in applying the LEED® protocol for the certification of commercial and office buildings.

The client achieved LEED® Platinum level certification for the ‘Child Care’, ‘Meeting Centre’ and ‘Commissary’ buildings, and LEED® Gold level certification for the ‘Red Tower’ offices.

Activities: Basic commissioning, LEED® TM in design phase.
Floor area:
– Child Care: 525 sqm;
– Commissary: 240 sqm;
– Meeting Centre: 176 sqm;
– Red Tower: 510 sqm
Duration of works: 2015 – 2016

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