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Renaissance Palaces University of Ferrara A.D.


The University of Ferrara is an Italian state university, one of the oldest in the world, and the owner of four buildings in the historic centre of Ferrara used as institutional headquarters, secretariat and lecture halls.
The subject of the intervention is therefore this historical complex formed by the buildings located on the axis of Via Savonarola, damaged by the seismic events of May 2012, including Palazzo Renata di Francia, Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Tassoni-Mirogli and Palazzo Guinelli.


The buildings in their current state, although adjacent, are functionally separate, with a total surface area of approximately 15,000 square metres, and distributed over 4 levels above ground. The client’s objective was to re-functionalise and reorganise the buildings so as to make them a single body, also from a plant engineering point of view, in order to optimise the space required for their construction and at the same time improve their energy efficiency.

A global energy analysis of the building was carried out, the result of a very complex and articulated study, which made it possible to balance and calibrate various technical and economic factors, all shared with the client. In developing the project, the choices made were in line with the standards required to obtain LEED certification, which represents an international attestation of sustainability and quality from the energy point of view. The plant design activity was preceded by an extensive and in-depth survey campaign in order to identify with certainty and precision the plant-engineering steps, so as to reduce the architectural impact to a minimum with a view to preserving the asset. Various solutions regarding plant production and distribution were analysed and submitted to the client, specifying for each one the executive methods and consequent costs for both construction and management.

The design of the installations envisaged the complete renovation of the installations, and therefore the dismantling of the existing ones, in order to adapt the buildings subject to the requirements requested by the client in the Preliminary Planning Document (DPP) and to the mandatory standards and laws.
Activities: Preliminary and final design of internal installations, fire prevention.
Duration of works: 2015 – 2019

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