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In Piazza Monte Titano, Milan, a building had to be converted from offices into a hotel.
Very tight deadlines and budgets.

The hotel operator had to occupy the building in May 2018, its standards were to be observed and LEED® certification had to be obtained.
The building was not designed as a hotel: space is limited and each element had to be studied in detail.

Planex specialises in designing systems for hotels, but our YouLEED (link to YouLEED) and CommissionLAB divisions give us extensive experience in LEED® certification and commissioning. By choosing us, Beni Stabili felt confident of having real experts in designing hotel systems, which could easily integrate into the LEED certification process.

After the project, the construction site. The contractor was very aggressive and looked for any excuse to recuperate economic or time margins.

Thanks to the precise and complete project, with solid site supervision, the Planex works managers got construction finished one month ahead of schedule and within the expected budget.
The building is now a hotel with 131 rooms. The systems are fully functional and of maximum efficiency.
Location: Milan
Surface area: 6,000 square metres
Rooms: 131
Intended use: hotel
Services performed:
Work designed: systems: electrical power, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, fire detection, hospitality management, phone and data network, automation and building management, photovoltaics, solar thermal plant, energy monitoring

progettazione impianti edifici monumentali

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