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Are you a building designer?

Do you often find yourself in these situations?

► Seeing your project all too often devalued by poorly integrated systems that lack individuality.

► You have a brilliant idea for your client, but you have to choose between the creativity and the functionality of your work.

It seems impossible to you that there are no solutions or experts to help realise your ideas without distorting them.

The most common problem you have is...

How can you be creative without feeling constrained by the installations?

Discover the 6 things you need to ask the installers to avoid having to change the complete design:

You need a partner who is willing to follow and support you, to share their own quality references with you, the building designer and the whole team.

Does it drive you crazy having to balance ever-changing requirements with constricted times and budgets?

That's why we have developed a unique method

We are the first company in systems engineering to apply the AGILE principles for design.

Abbiamo sviluppato l’esclusivo PAD Process (Planex Agile Design Process) per garantire risposte agili, veloci e puntuali alla fluidità dei requisiti.

Possiamo perciò offrire 5 garanzie:

  1. Rispetto del budget
  2. Rispetto delle scadenze
  3. Prestazioni stabili nel tempo
  4. Affidabilità degli impianti
  5. Rispetto delle normative

As a building designer, do you need more targeted solutions?

Here's how to find out how your ideas work in advance

► To combine comfort and functionality
► To integrate ideas, systems and structures
► To protect against fire and personal safety risks
Find out what we have to offer with our innovative design tools

► To discover if you can cool without systems or provide lighting without lamps.
Tell us your idea and we’ll tell you how to make it possible

Don't miss the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing market.

You need a partner that does not stop you but favors your creativity.

We think we are this your partner.

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