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Today, Allianz is one of the largest financial services providers in the world ...


Present in more than 70 countries, the Allianz Group has over 150,000 employees and over 85 million customers. Competitive strength, sustainable growth and reduced complexity are among the most important factors for the growth of the company and the Group, as well as basic values ​​for a good approach to management. www.allianz.it

On October 16, 2017 Allianz employees moved in to Isozaki Tower in Milan (“il Dritto” – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torre_Isozaki).

First, the tower was considerably transformed so it would meet the very high demands of functionality, safety and comfort that Allianz wanted to ensure for its employees.

Allianz had to be sure that everything was perfectly complete and functioning before transferring their staff.

The functional system tests and a certified commissioning process provided the guarantees sought by Allianz.

However, there was still the fear that the functional tests could slow down work on such an imposing building, given that the Allianz Tower, with its 54 floors, has tens of thousands of components to be checked and tested.

Any delay in the date of occupation could have put many people’s careers at risk!

The deadlines imposed on the construction site had to be combined with the inescapable requirements of safety and functionality.

This was a difficult task for systems tests and the commissioning authority

It would certainly have seemed easier to accept the results of the tests and checks performed by the general contractor with the support of the project management.

But who could be sure that, during the frenzy of the delivery period, these tests had really been performed?

They needed a tester!

The test plan proposed by our specialists in the CommissionLab division  – the same method used for the Diamond Tower tests (link to Diamond Tower page) – convinced Allianz because it stemmed from an innovative approach based on ISO statistical sampling procedures.

So we worked alongside the general contractor, the director of works and Allianz representatives, and performed the tests day and night.
This gave Allianz the peace of mind that the Isozaki Allianz Tower is a safe and fully functional building.

Location: Piazza Tre Torri – Milan
Intended use: Business
Features: see Wikipedia
Services performed:
System testing: electrical power, ventilation, air conditioning, fluid distribution, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, fire and gas detection, CCTV, phone and data network, audio/video distribution, security, automation and building management, energy monitoring

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