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The Arena in Verona is one of the largest and best preserved amphitheatres of the Roman world...

Verona ARENA


… today, a venue for a variety of different events. The arena has an elliptical plan measuring about 152 x 123 m.

Over time, the monument, consistently exposed over the centuries, has been used for various functions related to city life and as a source of building materials.
The first work on the monument dates back to the Renaissance, when the cavea section was rebuilt.
Restoration work continued throughout the 19th century, up until today.
Verona Arena

Impanti edifici monumentali Arena di Verona

Today, the Verona Arena plays host to operas and major performances.
People’s safety as well as electricity, fire protection and hygiene need to be guaranteed…
That’s why systems designed by real experts who know how to respect a monumental building are required.
Large engineering companies may have hundreds of employees to design skyscrapers and hospitals, but do they have the right people for this delicate work?

The Cultural Heritage Ministry’s priorities need to be understood.
The work needed to be done in close collaboration with the archaeologists.
It had to be done quickly, because the next season of shows dictates the deadlines.
The issues were unrelated to the systems, but crucial nonetheless.
Those who design systems for monumental buildings need to know how to manage them for the sake of the monument.
Planex is the systems engineering company that has this experience.

The transformation and electrical distribution booth with 3,150 kVA of power was located under the steps of the adjacent Palazzo Barbieri.
The cables were brought up inside the amphitheatre, with excavations that brought to light historical findings resulting in changes to the project.
The limited space for transformers and electrical panels and the high power levels meant the system design for this monumental building had to be studied in detail.
Work continues today on the arena’s internal systems.

Location: Piazza Bra, 1 – Verona
Description: Wikipedia https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_di_Verona
Intended use: Public shows
Work designed:
installations: electrical power, ventilation, fire protection, lighting, plumbing, sound system, phone and data network, automation and building management.

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