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Premise: the world today:

  • Variability of project requirements
  • Need to guarantee compliance with deadlines and budgets (as well as performance and standards)
  • Minimising reworking

We have developed our Agile process for integrated design.

The operating principles of the PADprocess

    • It formalises a number of mandatory features
      • The mandatory features are locked in as late as possible
        – more time to define the details
        – less reworking and more flexibility
    • For each group of features, activity loops (called “increments”) are defined, ending by sharing the status before addressing the next group of mandatory features
    • There is constant control over budget and deadlines, interference with others in the project team and performance risks
    • Constantly and regularly sharing the budget and time trends with the client, both for internal loops (those necessary for normal development) and external loops (those deriving from variable requirements)

To guarantee an integrated design, here is how the PADprocess works

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