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your business is real estate and...

Every day you have to struggle with the usual 4 suffocating problems?

…tight deadlines and budgets, which are never sufficient and continually expand

…dealing with many projects simultaneously (and you never have enough time!)

…increasing difficulties balancing the client’s requirements with the constraints of your CDA

…unforeseen start-up problems and jaw-dropping operating costs

You have worked in real estate for years and...

You keep hearing that...

… spiralling delays and costs are your fault because you changed the requirements too late…
… you have to choose between quality or time…
… costly alternatives are required, somehow always to the contractors’ advantage.
The consequences? As always, comfort, maintainability and energy costs are in jeopardy.
The only aspects which really matter to your users.

And is it really impossible to overcome these problems?

No! By having proper design! That's why we have developed a unique method

We are the first company in systems engineering to apply the AGILE principles for design

We have developed the exclusive PAD Process (Planex Agile Design Process) to guarantee agile, fast and timely responses to ever-changing requirements.

We can therefore offer 5 guarantees:

  • compliance with the budget;
  • compliance with deadlines;
  • steady performance over time;
  • system reliability;
  • regulatory compliance

Do you need to check or test your real estate?

Here are the solutions we offer

To check your contractors’ and project managers’ work and get a truly safe, functioning building

Check out our BU, specialised in testing and commissioning

Don't miss the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing market.

You need a partner that does not stop you but favors your creativity.

We think we are this your partner.