The 5 guarantees that we offer to our customers thanks to the exclusive
Planex Agile Design Process (PAD Process)

Today's requirements are inevitably varied, and...

…compared with a few years ago, the requirements change much more often and later on in the project’s development.

Therefore, the already extremely tight deadlines and budgets are increasingly at risk
System design companies typically fear these changes to requirements, because dealing with them costs too much!

And in the end, there is less time, money and reduced quality.

Our solution: the PADprocess

This is why we have developed a unique process that is the door to communication between varying requirements and the concrete realisation of the work.

We are the first company to have developed the principles of AGILE project management in systems engineering

Find out more about the PAD Process – Planex Agile Design Process on this page

The 5 guarantees we give our clients thanks to the PADprocess

  1. Agreed deadlines
  2. Compliance with the agreed budget
  3. Performance maintained over time
  4. Reduced risk of breakdowns
  5. Regulatory compliance

In other words:

Our work guarantees these 5 promises and we will inform you if they are at risk

The benefits for our clients

  • Constant alignment with the client and timely response to flexible requirements
  • Specialists who constantly monitor the budget, functional requirements, architectural input, deadlines and sustainability.
  • No useless design frills – we only think of real everyday use and durability
  • Pragmatic innovation: we don’t let ourselves be dazzled by fashionable innovations that might jeopardise the budget, performance and management
  • Strict control of the construction site and the quality of the work

To keep up with the whirlwind market, you cannot miss out on opportunities.

You need a partner who does not restrain you but indulges your creativity.

We think we are your partner.