The 5 guarantees we offer our customers

User Requirements Specifications have an unavoidable variability, and...

Compared to a few years ago, URSs change much more often and later in project development.

Therefore, quality of work, time and budget are increasingly at risk.

Especially in life science buildings where compliance with cGMP is regulated by ANNEX 1.

...time, cost and quality are ultimately at risk.

Our solution: the PADprocess

This is why we have developed a unique process that is the gateway between variable requirements and the concreteness of the work.

We are the first to have developed the principles of AGILE project management in the world of plant engineering.

Find out more about the PAD Process – Planex Agile Design Process on this page.

The 5 guarantees we give our customers with PADprocess

  1. Agreed deadlines
  2. Compliance with the agreed budget
  3. Maintaining performance over time
  4. Reduction of out-of-service risk
  5. Compliance with regulations

In simple terms:

We guarantee these five promises and report if they are put at risk

The benefits for our customers

  • Constant alignment with the customer and timely response to flexible requirements
  • Specialists who keep a constant eye on Budget, Functional Needs, architectural Fit, Timing, Sustainability.
  • No unnecessary design frills, we only think about real use and durability
  • Pragmatic innovation: we don’t let ourselves be dazzled by fashionable novelties, which can undermine budget, performance and management
  • Firm control over the construction site and the quality of implementation

To keep up with the swirling market, you cannot miss opportunities.

You need a partner who does not hold you back but indulges your creativity.

We think we are this partner of yours.